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Iterate on build notifications #4284

benprim ·

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to work on some notifications and would like to work on "Real life" builds so my idea was to Promote a build to a new configuration and work in this new configuration on templates and notifications only for me/my team.
The issue is that there is some transient fields (especially Reports) it's difficult to have a really good glimpse.
As the promoted build carries on the reports in it's artifacts, ins't there someway to "revive" them or parse them directly from the artifacts ?


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steveluo ADMIN ·


What kind of reports are you going to "revive"? and how will you want to use those reports, display them on the UI or only use the data of reports?

If you want to display the reports, you can collect the original XML reports to some directory and then publish them again in dest configuration by adding some Publish Report steps.

If you only want to use the report data, you can fetch the data by report RESTful API, see more details in our wiki page below:

benprim ·

Hi Steve,
Well right now I have the need for Nunit based reports but in the end it could be any report.
I would like to find a way to iterate on a [failed] build to tweak the notification template that will be send to user and this without pushing unnescessary notifications to users or doing to much tricks (and avoid to many "special" handling in the template code)

i'll have a look and the restful API also