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configuration Audit Log show End date shouldn't be after today. #4300

pureivan ·

today is 2021/1/7

qb version:10.0.11

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steveluo ADMIN ·

@pureivan I don't see any issue here. Your end date is 2121/1/1, not 2021/1/1, do you mean 2021/1/1?

pureivan ·

it can show the result´╝îbut also see the "error" End date shoultn't be after today

i input the day using the selecter.

Laba42 ·

The to date is already incorrectly preset.
You can not select the year 2021 or better you can select it but it will be entered wrong.
Each year larger 2020 is wrong in the first two numbers.
I select the date 2021 and it is entered 2121
I select the date 2022 and it is entered 2222

Our QB version is 10.0.13

steveluo ADMIN ·

It's a bit strange. I have tested with the latest QuickBuild (v10.0.30) and the issue is not found. Please try upgrade to QB v10.0.30 to see if you can still reproduce the issue.

robinshen ADMIN ·

Please let us know below details:

  1. Server OS
  2. Your JDK
  3. Timezone of your server
Laba42 ·

Our productive system environment

QB Version 10.0.13
java.vm.vendor AdoptOpenJDK
java.vm.version 11.0.6+10
os.arch amd64 Windows Server 2019
os.version 10.0
user.timezone Europe/Berlin

I just updated our test system to QB version 10.0.30 and now it works as expected.