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Looking for "better" build duration metrics #4302

smikuqb ·

Hello, my organization is using QuickBuild 10.0.23 (with an enterprise license, if that makes a difference).
We are trying to get some simple metrics about all builds on the system; such as number of builds per day and min/max/average duration of builds per day, with the ability to filter by configuration type.
It seems like the "Build Stats" dashboard gadget sort of does this, but it is lacking the detail we are looking for.

Are there any features or plugins I should look into which could help with this?

If not, what do you think the best way to accomplish this would be?
Create a plugin?, or use the REST api?, or something else? (any examples you can point to would be appreciated)

Thank you.

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steveluo ADMIN ·


please file your feature request in our issue tracker below and we'll consider to add this feature to our next major release:

Laba42 ·

For example, we have our own DB table in which we store the values of a build that are relevant for us.
This is done in the PostBuild Script area of the Advanced Settings.

So we can evaluate the data later via SQL query and groovy script.


smikuqb ·

Thanks for the suggestion, Steve, but we're looking for a more immediate solution.

Thanks Georg, it seems that something custom is the way to go :thumbsup: