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Multiple MSBuilds #4304

djnrln ·

On our dashboard there are multiple configurations and builds. Unfortunately, we have configurations that need to reference different versions of MSBuild.

Given that there is only 1 global plugin value for MSBuild, how do we configure a build to use a different MSBuild version that what is specified in the global MSBuild plugin for the MSBuild Executable Path?


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steveluo ADMIN ·
djnrln ·

Thanks for the information. in my situation, we have 1 root with multiple configurations looking at different svn locations.

i think they both are on the same active node. I should have provided more information. Can i still use the user attribute so that one configuration uses one msbuild.exe and another configuration in the same root use a different msbuild.exe.


steveluo ADMIN ·


You can specify the msbuild path on a per configuration basis.

  1. Go to Plugin management page and configure MSBuild plugin

  2. Set the property MSBuild Executable Path as below and save:

  3. Add variable msbuildPath to your configuration like below: