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Sporadic git connection failures #4310

SameOldSong ·

In our build we fetch data from AzureDevops Git and sporadic connectivity failures are quite a common issue. In all the relevant steps we configured multiple "Retry on failure", and that has solved the problem completely on the step level.

However, we still sometimes see this error (s. screenshot) on the Configuration overview. If I delete the error manually and start the build - everything works fine.

The problem is that the builds on these configurations are often triggered by an overall build automatically during the night. This error is completely unpredictable and if it appears on the Confgiuration overview - this configuration's build is never triggered. So our long running overall nightly builds fail if only just one of the triggered configurations has this utterly sporadic failure.

It doesn't happen every day but really sets us several hours back because we can only fix this in the morning. Is there any workaround? Any advice would be highly appreciated

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Can you please show me full stack trace of this error? It can be displayed by clicking the icon besides title "Error Message"

SameOldSong ·

well, unfortunately, this log is already gone, because in such a case we can only trigger the build if we remove this error. I will post it once it happens again, or if we find it in the old logs.

This is what shows in the log of the overall configuration that attempted and failed to trigger this build:

Can not resolve requested build for configuration ( ). Check server log for details.