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Config notifications: include "committers" from the entire upstream pipeline #4311

OnQuickBuild ·

Hello Robin
Hope you are well.

There is a feature that's currently missing in the QB version we use (10.0.25, 2020-10-13):
We have a simple pipeline: upstream->multiple configs each builds their own source code; downstream->all those builds come together as a "whole package".
So the downstream config checks out the upstream configs in forms of Quickbuild repositories for the artifacts published.
The thing is, the upstream configs show their committers just fine, and since they are all triggered automatically by commits, the "trigger by" is scheduler. Now is where the problem came, the downstream config considers the scheduler as the "committers since the previous build". You can see from the down stream "SCM changes" (this build happens to only have one upstream config that had a new build, and others are the old newest successful builds):
Screenshot 2021-02-19 122122.png

Can you implement a new feature where the downstream config will go scan all the builds from dependencies, get all the newest committers from each of those upstream builds, and finally include them in the down stream notification settings so there will be Emails sent to all the original committers all the way from the source? And even though some upstream builds are "old' latest successful builds, the latest committers should still be included.
Right now the settings has "committers since previous build", but it (in downstream) doesn't do what we need here.

Hope my request makes sense.

Thank you!

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robinshen ADMIN ·