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QuickBuild 11 released #4323

robinshen ADMIN ·

Dear users,

QuickBuild 11 is now released. Some major improvements:

  • AWS/Azure spot instance support
  • Single sign-on via Azure AD
  • Azure Devops integration
  • Optional password policy
  • Value validation of variables submitted via API
  • UI polishing
  • Improved build stats
  • Ability to collapse composite steps
  • Recursive upstream change calculation for QuickBuild repository
  • Ability to use external artifacts as dependency and promotion
  • Ability to change schedule of queued build requests
  • Option to overwrite existing object upon copy
  • Plugin extension point to write build log to other destinations
  • Able to sync bootstrap libraries to agents
  • Grid node attributes comparison

For more information, please check

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pendor ·

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for another flawless upgrade.

QuickBuild's upgrade story continues to be second to none among the tools we use in our shop. Lots of other apps, I cringe and put off upgrades because they're always a disaster of troubleshooting & figuring out what random poorly documented things changed. For QuickBuild, every upgrade has been turn-key, everything JustWorks™. I know I can start a QuickBuild upgrade at 8:30 AM and have everything back by the time programmers start looking for it at 9. Most of our other apps, I have to budget a day of downtime just in case.

Keep up the great work!

robinshen ADMIN ·

Thanks for sharing and glad to see our customers are satisfied, :)