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How can we notify commiters after promotion to another config? #4339

nwoebcke ·

Hi Robin,
We have implemented a build pipeline in Quickbuild. The first segment of the pipeline is called 'Prepare_Workspace'. The second section is called 'Build_and_Promote'. The first section is triggered whenever there are changes to a Perforce depot. That part works fine. The Prepare_Workspace config starts up after a user has checked in changes. Also, you can see the changes in the 'SCM' section of the build as it is running.
However, once the build for Prepare_Workspace is promoted to the Build_and_Promote config, the commits are lost. The SCM section of the Build_and_Promote build are gone. They show 0 commits. So if there is a build issue or a successful build, we have no way to notify the user(s) that made changes.
Is there a way we can pass the commits made in Prepare_Workspace to Build_and_Promote during the promotion? Or maybe some other way?

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nwoebcke ·

Actually, I figured it out by looking at the source code. I just needed to create a repo in the Build_and_Promote config that references the Prepare_Workspace repo. Then the SCM changes magically appear in the Build_and_Promote build.