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Log printing slows down after upgrading QB11 #4367

SuikaAsuke ·

upgrading QB11 use step "Shell/Batch Command" print the file slows down.

file size:46MB
QB10 Duration:4s
QB11 Duration:3m43s

Command: cat build.log

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robinshen ADMIN ·

There is no change at tis regard as far as I know. Performance of printing such a big file is mostly affected by current I/O status. Why this is slow, can you please run that command on terminal directly on same machine to see how it performs?

SuikaAsuke ·

build history this step run on QB10 about 3~5s
after up upgrade QB11 this step run duration more than 60s
Because I set a timeout of 60s,so run this step is failed on QB11. I check the log files size and download the step log ,there is not much difference between the two builds. I execute commands on the machine for more than 60s. Now I don’t understand what the problem is .

robinshen ADMIN ·

Are you able to reproduce the issue with a blank new QB11 instance? If yes, please describe detailed reproducing steps.

SuikaAsuke ·

yes,I run the issue with a blank new QB11 instance same problem.
1.install new QB11
2.create the new Configurations, add "Shell/Batch Command" step use Command:
S3.png build,result :

Same steps I run the QB10,result :


The above tests are all using the same machine. Use the same log file(build.log 45.6MB)

robinshen ADMIN ·

Thanks for the info. Seen same issue at my side. Will investigate it.

robinshen ADMIN ·