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promotion object #4372

zoywiki ·

So I am writing a lot of auto promotes, and I was wanting to reference the current promotion so that the Promoted Configuration name is what configuration is going to be triggered i.e.

So that the defined configuration to promote is something like this:

${configuration.getPathName()}/${promotion.getName()} // This does not work because "promotion" is not defined.
${configuration.getPathName()}/${current.getName()} // This works

I was wondering how do I refer to the name of the Promotion through script of the current promotion config properly.

So the build at:
root/ProductA/Build finishes then auto-promotes root/ProductA/Build/Promote1 and root/ProductA/Build/Promote2, but based on build options may not trigger root/ProductA/Build/Promote3

What is the proper way to do this?

Is referencing "current" the only way? i.e. ${current.getName()}

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Yes "current.getName()" is the way to go, it normally refers to the object where the script is defined in.