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Controlling dynamic values on prompt variables #4413

benprim ·

Is there a way to know if we are in the "prompt" part of a variable resolution ?
We're trying to have some dynamic choices on a prompt as selection box variable.
We're able to generate "Choices" but then when a user launch a build we can have a different value picked because the evaluated variable can change while the user is picking a choice.
So I was if we could check if we are in a prompt mode or not, and dump the current variable value to a file or something else, to prevent any reevaluation

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robinshen ADMIN ·

I am not quite understanding the issue here: user selects a choice and run the build, and the selection choice script is not re-evaluated. Or can you demonstrate the issue with some screenshots?

benprim ·

Sorry if it's unclear I created a test variable to reproduce :
but then when I launch I have :

I select the first


And when I run the build the value is different


In our real scenario the list comes from the builds of another configuration but the end result is the same

robinshen ADMIN ·