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Perforce Repository checkout by Label #4414

Laba42 ·

I have a configuration with a scheduler of for example 5 minutes and the build condition "If changes found in referenced repositories or last build failed".

When I make changes in the repository, the build starts after max 5 minutes. In the QB P4 Repository object, the Change Number (or Label) field is empty.

Now I have added an input field in the configuration where you can enter a perfoce label for the branch. I pass the label name to the field Change number (or label) of the QB P4 repository object. If I now start the configuration and enter an existing P4 label then the files of the label are retrieved. Up to this point, everything is fine.

But, if I now make a change in Perforce after a build on the labelled status, the "normal" build no longer starts automatically! The automatism only works again when I have manually started a "normal" build without a label.

Is this the way it should be?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

This is expected behavior when a build is fired against a label, as QB no longer able to calculate changes since a label when determine if new build should be necessary. I filed an improvement request as below to investigate if it is possible to deduct change number from a label for change calculation:

For now, I'd suggest to use different configurations for auto-build and manual build.