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How to run one step or another #4466

drdt ·

I have a situation where I have two sequential steps, for example:


  • do-special-build
  • do-generic-build

The do-special-build step has a complex step execution condition. If this returns false, I want to run do-generic-build instead.
I am currently doing this by reversing the complex condition, but this seems tedious.

Is there a way to set a condition on "if the previous step was skipped"? I saw an earlier post about checking to see if a step timed out. I thought maybe I could call step.getPreviousSibling().getStatus(), but "SKIPPED" is not one of the options (IDLE, WAITING, SUCCESSFUL, FAILED, TIMEOUT, CANCELLED, RUNNING).

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robinshen ADMIN ·

SKIPPED is represented by idle. Just use below script:

return == "IDLE"
drdt ·

Thanks, that worked swimmingly.

Meanwhile, I noticed missing images in the API help for com.pmease.quickbuild.stepsupport.StepRuntime$Status.

robinshen ADMIN ·

Thanks. Will get that fixed.