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testing out the new docker integration #4467

drdt ·

First of all, I love it! Makes everything so simple, and I am able to see the full docker command that results from filling in the fields, which helps in debugging.

Alas, it is not entirely working. My team uses command-line options during the build, specifically:

  • -u [uid]:[gid] (to specify the username under which to run the build)
  • -h [hostname] (to give the container a host name for use in logging)

I tried adding these to the "Arguments" field, but those arguments are added at the end of the command line, after the image name. Docker syntax requires all command-line options appear before the image name.

Can this be fixed, perhaps by adding an "options" field, or is there some other way to do what I need that I am missing?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Additional options for docker steps will be available in next patch release. However for name field, QB will generate unique name for each step run so that it can be identified and killed in case of build cancellation or timed out.

drdt ·

Thanks, I will watch for the update.

Meanwhile, for the name field, we are not trying to override the container name (--name); rather, we want to override the host name of the virtual machine running inside the container (--hostname), so that logs and alerts from the build can be traced back to the source.

docker run ... --hostname ${image_name}-${HOSTNAME}

robinshen ADMIN ·

I see. That is definitely not a problem.