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Trying to understand configuration and step inheritance #4472

patrickc ·


I am new to QuickBuild, currently still using version 11.0.7, and am looking at the step option Inheritable (Whether or not this step can be inherited by child configurations) to help me simplify some existing configurations. Unfortunately, I am unable to figure out how this setting works – it does not seem to have any effect. Whether I check or uncheck it, all steps are always inherited by child configurations.

Given is an example configuration /root/nightly build/test, that has an overridden master step, which contains only one step Step1.
The master step of /root has Inheritable checked, but all existing child configurations have it unchecked, especially /root/nightly build/test.
Step1 also has this setting unchecked.
When I now create a new child configuration /root/nightly build/test/testchild, then testchild still shows the master step and Step1 with the dotted lines that indicate inheritance.

I was expecting Step1 to not show up in the testchild configuration after disabling its inheritability. Am I misunderstanding how this setting is supposed to work?

Thank you,

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robinshen ADMIN ·

The heritable option only controls whether or not it is visible in available steps. Steps already exist in the workflow will still be inherited and used.

patrickc ·

Thank you for your quick reply :)