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Ability to rename a variable along with any overrides #4474

calreinhard ·

Variable support in QB is fantastic, because overrides allow great configurability among your configurations.

However, once you have an established convention, if circumstances change and you need to rename a variable, you also need to go rename all of the overrides of that variable.

So, it would make variables a lot more maintainable if we could rename a variable and all of its overrides (in a single operation; I am aware and currently making use of the Find Overrides route).

It would be a bonus to be able to update the descriptions (and maybe the values?) of the overridden variables, as well.

It would probably also be good for it to have a warning about a potentially destructive action when you do this. A preview of the configs that override the variable would be an excellent UX feature. But I think a button like "Save (And Update Overrides)" would be enough, too.

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robinshen ADMIN ·