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Get server version from database #4483

YonasAnton ·

I found an old mysqldump of one of my QB backups. I'm trying to recover that server to find out whats in it, but I couldn't find the server version from the dump, and using an inconsistent version of QB fails to start (with QB12.0.27 - "Data version mismatch:101, application data version:110"). Is there any way to discover the exact version?
Or, is there any way to make it consistent to the newer version?

Thanks in advance.

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robinshen ADMIN ·
YonasAnton ·

Thanks for the reply.
I tried installing the suggested version, but starting it with my DB failed. Had 2 problems:

  • QuickBuild is trying to query column QB_SEARCH_FOR in table QB_USER, although it doesn't exist in my dump. I tried creating an empty column just to see what happens, and it seems to work, but that's probably not the best solution.
  • after querying a few rows from table QB_CONFIGURATION, QuickBuild exists with the exception "ClassNotFoundException: com.pmease.quickbuild.variable.PromptAsSelectionBoxWithDirectInput"
robinshen ADMIN ·

Seems that this dump is created by a custom QB version at your side, since we never have the class "PromptAsSelectionBoxWithDirectInput". If so, no official QB version can be used to start with this data.