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Perforce Plugin: Client Spec Description Field #4489

zoywiki ·


There does not appear to be a method of changing the behavior of QuickBuild setting the Description field of a perforce client spec which creates a workspace.

This is a problem because a Repository definition is creating many revisions in perforce of a Client Specn that is reused by many machines and configurations which results in millions of revisions in the perforce spec/meta-data depot, which then makes verify and other admin commands potentially take a long time. This impacts journals, logs, and checkpoints quite a bit on the perforce admin side of things.

Can we either get an option to script the Client Spec Description (not the QB Repository definition description), or disable Quickbuild from blanket inserting into the client spec the following:

	Created by QuickBuild for purpose of running configuration 'root/path/to/configuration'.

We are using a generic scripts repository to bootstrap loading groovy scripts which can then later be used that are shared by many configurations, agents, and steps, which should only need 1 repository definition.

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robinshen ADMIN ·