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how can i forget remembered parameters? #4493

drdt ·

I have a prompted variable for which i set the 'Remember' flag, since most users will use the same branch name repeatedly.

However, at some point I want them to be able to revert back to the default. How can this be done?

I feel like a checkbox or a button to set all values on the form back to the default, would be helpful in this and other instances. However, in lieu of that, how do I make QB forget?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

This is all-or-none. Currently there is no mechanism to forget that without disable remember option of the variable.

drdt ·

Can this be considered for an enhancement? How is this information remembered, is it tied to the user profile, or in the configuration? Maybe an option in the "My" tab to forget all remembered prompts?

robinshen ADMIN ·
drdt ·

Thank you!