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Node selection and resources issue #4502

kururin ·

We're working with QB 11.0.21

All our agents have the resource "Agents".
Please, have a look to the screenshot below:

With such a configuration, the step never starts because no agent matching the criterias are found.
But if we reverse the conditions ("return true;" in the top and "return false;" in the bottom), it works.

Is it a bug?

Thank you

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robinshen ADMIN ·

This happens as QB has to reserve the resource everytime it evaluates a criteria of "on node matching all specified criteria". To solve this type of issue, you may move this criteria after the script evaluating criteria.

kururin ·

Oh... I didn't know that. It works, thanks a lot :)

drdt ·

I was thinking you could to it by saying:

-- Matching All
---- Is resource
---- Matching Any
------ Matches script(true)
------ Matches script(false)

Or even combine into more complex script:

-- Matching All
---- Is resource
---- Matches script(true || false)