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need slightly more complex permissions scheme #4515

drdt ·

I have a configuration called 'master', which has the steps to run a build, but is disabled so it does not run. It does have a schedule defined, to be inherited by its children.

My teammates (with special privileges) can then create child configs, each of which defines a variable 'buildBranch' identifying which branch to build. These children each run on the inherited schedule, using the inherited build steps and variables.

I want to configure the permissions so that my users have "ADD_CHILDREN" and "DELETE_CHILDREN" on the 'master' config, but also the ability to "EDIT_SETTINGS" in the children so they can change the 'buildBranch' value. Right now, I have to give them "EDIT_SETTINGS" on the 'master' config in order for this to work, but that allows them to make unauthorized changes to the 'master' config.

I guess what I want is something like a "MODIFY_CHILDREN" permission. Or else the abilty to grant "EDIT_SETTINGS to "master/*".

Any suggestions?

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robinshen ADMIN ·