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SCM Changes being truncated #4524

tomz ·

We periodically have an issue where there are so many submits that we get this error in the SCM changes retrieval:

There are too many changes found in repository 'repository-name', truncating to save resource...

This isn't a blocking issue, but it can be frustrating for some users because it prevents the Notification feature. Users whose changes don't get included are not notified if the build is successful with their changes in it.

What is the logic that this uses to determine "too many changes" and why would a lot of changes be truncated at all? Does it cause DB problems?

Tom Z.

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Currently changes more than 2000 are dropped as otherwise it can easily crash QB server for instance when fire build where previous build is very very old. The changes size impacting QB in many aspects, including storage, statistics, etc.

tomz ·

What is the 2000 counting? The current example actually stopped at 37 changelists. Is it because those changelists contained a lot of files?

Tom Z.

robinshen ADMIN ·

Sorry I missed another limitation. It will truncate either when total changes exceed 2000, or total files modified exceed 20000.