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How set to node collecting disk usage #4560

jintaeson ·

I would like to inquire about disk monitoring of grid node.

  1. Look at the settings description below, it says storage directory of node, where can I check this?
Specifies the pathes which you want to monitor the disk usage. Leave empty to just monitor the disk on which the storage directory defined. * to monitor all drives/partitions.
  1. Can it be set to monitor a specific directory in Node?
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steveluo ADMIN ·


If the disk space is collected correctly, you can see them on node measurements graph on Grid Page, and you can also add alarms for them so when the disk space is low, you can receive the alert notifications.

Can it be set to monitor a specific directory in Node?

Yes, you can set the directory, but it will be converted to the disk which the directory exists on.

You may also want to read more on how to configure disk monitoring: