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What was the first version that fixed SENDING_BUILD_NOTIFICATIONS? #4561

freecode82 ·

We are using the notification function in build settings.

There was no problem as long as there was no problem with smtp server communication. However, there was a communication problem with the smtp server, and the build was queued and delayed. Upon checking, the build was completed, but many agents were placed in the running build state to complete notification.

While looking at existing inquiries, I saw that this issue was reported several times, as shown in the link below.

We are not using the latest version of quickbuild.
Personally, when I encountered the same situation, there was no problem with the latest version.
Which version first fixed this issue?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

QB still relies on socket timeout to handle this situation. If your mail setting has timeout property, it should work the same as latest version.