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Is it possible to change the encoding of stdout when running a console on a Windows 10 agent? #4565

xema027 ·

I am running Python code in a batch file on Windows 10. The problem is that when I run the console in QB, the encoding is set to CP949 and fails with multi-language printing. Is it possible to configure this in QB so that the encoding is UTF-8 like when running cmd or PowerShell directly?

Running the following Python code also shows different encodings depending on the environment:

Python -c "import sys; print(sys.stdout.encoding)"

Local CMD: UTF-8
Local PowerShell: UTF-8
Local Command Line Execution: UTF-8
QB Shell/Batch: CP949
QB PowerShell: CP949
QB Command Line Execution: CP949
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robinshen ADMIN ·

The "Shell/Batch Command" step has an option "Output Charset" to customize this.