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How to set global storage directory to JFrog? #4567

power8821 ·


I am using QB 11.0.26 on Linux. It's working fine. Due to some space related issue we want change global storage directory which is QB used for store some files,builds etc to JFrog

Plugin management Atrifactory Plugin setting is not desired
Settings - Artifact Storage - Advanced Setting is not desired
Is there a way to set it to Global Storage Directory with JFrog?

Reason : QB gave out of space error after completing some of the builds on server. We have configured more than many project and those project run multiple types build so server consume more space so it will give out of space error after completing some builds.

So can you please guide me can we use Frog as global storage directory ? if no then suggest another way.

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robinshen ADMIN ·

QB can publish artifacts to JFrog artifactory via Artifactory plugin. However for all other files, such as workspaces, logs, it needs to be saved in global storage directory which is not possible to be placed in JFrog.

drdt ·

Power, in my deployment, we place the global storage directory on an NFS drive. It is still only mounted on the server, but it means we can use our huge storage array to keep the build records, and it also allows for redundancy and nightly backups.

This is accomplished by setting the "Global storage directory" (System setting) to the mount point of the remote drive.