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Can we install build agent on different cloud other than server #102

vmaniraj ·

Hi Team,
We have quick build license for Whirlpool/InSinkerator daily jobs scheduling. We are installing quick build server on Whirlpool GCP cloud and agent (to invoke the scripts on the backend application) on HCL Commerce cloud which is again on GCP in a different region.
Could you please suggest on the below points:

  1. For build agent, we don't need additional license.
  2. We assume if we open the firewall between the server & agent, it should work. Please confirm.
  3. Please help with the ports that needs to be open between server & agent instances. Also, kindly suggest if any other settings needs to be done.

Thank you!

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Build agents are not subject to license check and you may install as many as you want on whatever locations. To make agents working with server, you will need to open port 8811 on build agent so that it can be accessed by server and port 8810 on server so that it can be accessed by agent. Note that if you are setting up reverse proxy for server, you will need to open reverse proxied port instead of 8810.

vmaniraj ·

Thanks for the information@robinshen! This will help.