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Getting a step object from another configuration with a step path #13

grecht ·

I know a step's path and that it does not belong to the current configuration. Now I want to get the path's step object.
In order to call build.getStep(path) I would need its build object first. Is there a way to do that?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Try bellow code:

def otherConf = system.configurationManager.get("path/to/other/conf");
def otherStep = otherConf.findStep("name of step");
grecht ·

This does not work, since I do not know the configuration's path. This is how I get the steps:

name = node.getHostName();
port = node.getPort();
runningSteps = system.buildEngine.getRunningSteps(name + ":" + port);
for (RunningStepInfo stepInfo : runningSteps) {
    stepPath = stepInfo.getStepPath();

How I understand this, the step paths do not contain the configuration path, because when I log them, they look like this:

robinshen ADMIN ·

stepInfo.configurationId will return identifier of the configuration, and you may get the configuration path with below code: