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Quickbuild 9 JVM and other Upgrade issues #31

rnadeau ·

We've recently upgraded Quickbuild to version 9. On our server (Win 2012R2 with Java 8 VM) we are consistently using over 92% of our 4Gb of JVM memory allocated in wrapper.conf
We don't have more builds after the upgrade so it is related to an issue in the upgrade itself or something different about how Quickbuild uses memory in between version 6.1.36 that we came from and 9.0.21 that we are now on. What we noticed during the first alert is the garbage collection in the app was taking a long time. Which is causing the interface to respond slowly.

A few other probably unrelated things:

We noticed our AIX agents didn't immediately come up. The upgrade made changes to the wrapper.conf which don’t work with AIX. They should work though. One of the new lines tells java to ignore unknown options. But that doesn't seem to be working for us. The IBM documentation says that unknown options will be ignored, but that’s not the case.

The qb logs are still writing into the old (6.1.36) log directory instead of the 9.0.21 logs directory.

Please help me solve these issues. In order to stop the alerts I have to get more memory on the VM, I'm going to increase it to 8Gb. But that doesn't SOLVE the problem, just works around it.

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robinshen ADMIN ·

For memory issue on QB server, please make sure you are using Oracle JVM instead of OpenJDK, as OpenJDK has some GC performance issues.
For build agent issue on AIX, please make sure to use latest IBM J9 JVM, which supports that option.
For build logs writing to QB6 issue, if you are using the upgrade command, the target directory passed to upgrade command will be running new version of QB. For instance if you runs: upgrade /path/to/QB6. QB6 will be actually running QB9 after upgrade. I'd suggest to rename it to "/path/to/QB" to avoid confusions.