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Transfer files from parent node to pod agent node #51

ekambaramv ·


I am trying to transfer files from current node to pod agent node, for this i was getting variable from => Shell/Batch Command and using in to Advanced option Send Output files -> Source path : ${vars.getValue("latest_version_full_path")} but its not transferring files to pod agent but if i use direct path (\tmp\latest) its working fine.

Kindly help me to get value from batch script and using to send output files option.

Thank you.

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Please print this value to check the path by writing source path as below:

return vars.getValue("latest_version_full_path");

The output should be printed to agent log of the agent running the step receiving these files.

ekambaramv ·

Dear Robinshen,

Its not printing any value, I tried to execute above script from post execution & repeated parameters.

kindly help me to solve my below requirement,

Need to transfer file every build , Source path will get change each build so i am trying to get variables from batch script same i am trying to use in Advanced option Send output files.

Please suggest me to use if you have any other options...


robinshen ADMIN ·

QB can not use variables from your batch script. You may need to concatenate the desired path the same as you've done in your batch script, but via groovy code.

ekambaramv ·

Hello Mr.Robinshen,
We have wrote groovy code to get variables and I have tried to use same in send output files ${vars.getValue("latest_version_full_path")}
its not working..

Could you please give some example

Thank you

robinshen ADMIN ·

Are you able to reproduce your issue with a sample database and reproducing instructions and send to me [robin AT pmease DOT com] for diagnostics?