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Error related with java.lang.RuntimeException: Error executing step process job or InterruptException #77

CaoFangyuan ·


In quickbuild setting, sometimes we will see these below two types of errors, Do you know what caused this error and how to fix this?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

The first error means that either network connection to server is broken for some reason, or server is overloaded. The latter means either the job is timed out or killed manually.

CaoFangyuan ·

Hi@robinshen ,

  1. For first one, is there any solution to solve this problem as the frequency of this happened pretty high, almost 5 build will happen one time.
  2. For the second one, we didn't set any timeout check as we use the default value, but we do will have some copy operations in our build, Do you think it's related with this copy operation?
robinshen ADMIN ·

For the first issue, when it happens, please login to the machine running the failed step and run below to see if connection to QB server is fine:

telnet 8810

For the second issue, the copy operation should not cause this. Please check the audit log to see if it is cancelled manually or by some other task